We love to welcome babies and children, and adults too, who live in the community of Manston, Cross Gates to be Baptised (also called a Christening) here at St James’ Church.

To see if you are in our Parish, please look at the parish boundary map or get in touch

and ask us if you are not sure. If you are not resident within the Parish there would need to be some other special connection with this church for your baptism to take place here, but we are happy to direct you to what is your Parish Church. This will be a Church which is more local toyou and will mean that you can make and sustain a connection with them more easily.

Many of those who are baptized (or christened) are babies or young children.When a child is baptized we are thanking God for the miracle of life itself and for the particular gift of this child into your family and your life. We are also recognising this child as a child of God, welcoming her / him into the family of the church and marking the beginning of a life-time of growing into an understanding of God’s love for them.

At the service parents / guardians and godparents make promises to help their child/ren to grow in faith but the service also celebrates God’s promise to journey with your child, and with you, as you do so. At baptism your child is marked with the cross, cleansed and renewed by water, and given a lighted candle. Each of these symbols speaks to us of our faith in Jesus Christ and of how God is present and active in our lives.

In preparation for Baptism we ask families to come to an All Age Service (11.30am on the 1st Sunday of each month, and from April the 17th 2016, on the 3rd Sunday too) in the weeks before your baptism so that we can welcome you and introduce you to the church. After this you will also be visited by a member of the clergy, usually in your home, in preparation for the Baptism Service itself.

Baptisms usually take place on either the 4th Sunday of the month at 11.30am when they may be shared with another family, or there are also certain 9.30am Services of Parish Eucharist and 11.30am All Age Worship services on other weeks which we have earmarked to also include a Baptism. We can tell you when these dates are for the coming year.

If having read this you feel that St James is the right church for you to explore having your child’s baptism service please do get in touch to begin the process.

Please call in at the Parish Office on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday morning between 10am and noon. Someone there will be able to answer your initial queries, give you a ‘Baptism Pack’ and some paperwork to fill in, and discuss possible dates for your Baptism to take place.

Please also remember that children, teenagers or adults, of whatever age, can ask to explore Baptism and we will be happy to speak with you about it.