Here at St James’s Church, Manston, on Church Lane in  Cross Gates, we have plenty to celebrate! 

Week by week and year by year, lots of people are involved in activities and events attached to our church and are part of our extended family life. Many of the activities and events provided or hosted by the church provide for children and young people of all ages.

Below are links to the groups and an overview of what goes on and who you could contact if you want to know more. You can also always contact the Vicar, Reverend Carolyn on (0113 264 2685) or the Parish Office on  (0113 264 5530) to access further information.

7th october2017Alex O'NeilClassic and contemporary guitar
11th November 2017Heather WoodheadWW1 Themed concert: Scars upon my heart
Singing, guitar, letters and poems.
2nd December 2017Helen WrightSoprano
6th January 2018Music Group
3rd February 2018David BrothersTenor
3rd March 2018Carol DoveSoprano
14th April 2018Tim KNightOrgan
12th May 2018Evelyn WrightYoung singer
9th June 2018Barbara Dunkleyalto, clarinet

Easter at our church school

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Make a Palm Cross

 Last year we had a wonderful array of Palm Cross made by individuals using both the natural materials of the outdoors, as well as standard paper (plain, coloured, and Christmas paper). So why don’t we do it again and put them in our windows as a sign to neighbours and passers-by? To see the instructions […]

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Rhythm of life for schools and the parish

PRAYER DIARY for Praying with and for our Church School & other Schools in our Parish – this has been prepared and offered to us by the Diocesan Board of Education Team who have been working hard alongside our Church schools at this time and have also written ‘Rhythm of Life’ material for our school […]

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What happened at Jerusalem Journey 2019?

Having fun at Jerusalem Journey

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[No Subject]   We had a great time at the last meeting at Lightwater Valley for the BIG Night Out.  The weather was kind us but they still managed to get wet from the water ride.    

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