Throughout this season we have encouraged our church family and friends to financially support the needs of the hungry and homeless by supporting – our local FoodBank and the newly-formed LEDAS (Leeds Destitute Asylum-Seekers Support), by setting your own ‘Lent Box / Jar’ at home and collecting in it over the weeks (perhaps using ‘actual money’, or a series of IOU messages as a commitment to what you might give as a lump sum at the end of Lent), or by making use of our JustGiving page set up for this purpose –

This Week’s Final Giving Challenge is:

Chocolate – what in Lent! Even if we have been good in the weeks running up to Easter, many will have turned their thoughts to an Easter egg or two – even if it is for a family member rather than yourself. You may also rather be hoping that you may receive one – or two! Could our Giving for Easter be the equivalent of one or two of these seasonal treats? Let it be our thank-you for the promise and hope of Easter but also an expression of our desire to more freely share that promise and hope with someone else?