We are inviting you to make an Eastertide Pom-Pom to decorate our Cross – the Cross we make each year from stripping our Christmas Tree, creating a rough and stark wooden cross before transforming it on Easter Sunday. Last year this was a feature of Holy Week and Easter in our Churchyard meaning that more people could appreciate it as they passed by and perhaps be reminded of its meaning and significance. We intend to repeat that this year. In addition to some flowers, which I believe a number of our young families may be making, I thought that an array of Eastertide / Spring-Pom-Poms would make a ‘splash of colour’ and perhaps enable others to do a little bit of fun-preparation. We invite you to then bring your creation and add it to the Cross on Easter Sunday. Do you have any yellow, white, green wool (or something spring-like,) and are you up for the challenge! There are some simple instructions here for those who may not have done this since your ‘Blue Peter’ Days!! When you tie the final piece of wool around the middle – could you do it in such a way as to leave a lengthy loop for tying / hanging on the tree?

Could You Make an Eastertide Pom Pom