Mothers Union

Mothers  Union  at  Manston  was  instituted  on  December  12th  1940,  with  some sixty  or  so  members.  This  Anglican   organisation  is  worldwide,  active  in  83  countries  and has over  4  million  members. It's purpose  is  to  promote  loving, caring  family  relationships,  to  help  those  suffering  injustice  and  to  raise  awareness of  gender  violence  towards  women  and  girls  in  the many  communities  which  we  serve.

They offer  practical  help using  local  people  who  can  see  local  needs  and  act  quickly as  needed.  The  strength  of  Mothers  Union  is  that  we  are ' united  in  prayer  and  service  reaching  out  as  Christs'  hands  across  the  world'. Prayer  is  very  powerful   and  all  MU  members  are  united  in  prayer  and  action.  To  learn  much  more  about  us  visit For  local  information  and information  about  branch  meetings  contact

Currently the branch at St James is closed but we still have active members in the congregation who are involved either with other branches or at a diocese level.

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