From this Sunday (Sunday 25th July) we will continue to hold 2 Sunday Services. At present those services will be at the times which have become established over these past 12 months, 8.45am and 10am, although the
timings of our services is one of the matters we will be addressing in the weeks to come.
So for the moment we will offer:-
8.45am – said Eucharist
10.00am – Eucharist
with some small introduction of congregational singing (see below for further clarification)
Other adaptations / changes
we are introducing, or restrictions we are lifting in some way or retaining for the time being, are as follows:-
1. You will no longer need to book to attend on a Sunday morning.

2. There will be more flexibility / choice as to seating arrangements with more seats being added to our lay-out on one side of the church. However if you still wish to sit as socially distanced from one another as has been our practice there will still be seating set out in this way on the other side of the church.

3. We continue to ask, and strongly encourage / advise, that those attending worship wear face masks if they are able – as a response to the risk which is still very evident in our communities and out of care for one another and our neighbours.

4. There will be more opportunity for ‘movement’ during our worship in terms of some of our previous traditions / practices re sitting and standing for parts of the service.

5. You will be invited to come forward and stand (at the bottom of the chancel step) to receive Communion (bread only) if you so wish.
Direction will be given regarding how to then return to your seats via the side aisles to keep a one way system during communion – again for the safety of, and care for, one another.

6. At our second morning service (10am) we will begin to gradually re-introduce some congregational singing (whilst wearing masks, at present) but this will be small steps, and will be dependent upon us having the resources and personnel in place to make this possible.

7. We will continue to provide sanitiser and ask people to use it on entry to the church, and also to clean the seats / touched areas of our church as we have been doing. Keep an eye out on social media for changing messages….