We continue to hold 2 Sunday Services. These services re now at 8.30am and 9:45am.
So for the moment we will offer:-
8.30am – said Eucharist
9:45am – Eucharist
with some small introduction of congregational singing (see below for further clarification)

We continue to provide a choice of areas to sit in with seating on one side of the church allowing for those who still prefer to keep more socially distanced . We  also encourage the wearing of face masks by those who are able to wear them, during our worship and interaction with others. There will be more opportunity for ‘movement’ during our worship in terms of some of our previous traditions / practices re sitting and standing for parts of the service.

You will be invited to come forward and stand (at the bottom of the chancel step) to receive Communion (bread only) if you so wish. Direction will be given regarding how to then return to your seats via the side aisles to keep a one way system during communion – again for the safety of, and care for, one another

We have now begun to offer some simple refreshments after our Sunday Services for those who would like to stay and partake. We also continue to oversee and in some cases ‘cap’ numbers when it comes to other types of services which may be expecting particularly large numbers – i.e. some funerals and weddings – so as to ensure everyone’s safety.

It is great to see people wanting and willing to return to some of the weekly / monthly tasks and duties which they previously undertook. Each of these ‘works of ministry’ enables the life of the Church to be better sustained, to more effectively and generously offer a welcome to others, and to begin to flourish once again.

We will continue to provide sanitiser and ask people to use it on entry to the church, and also to clean the seats / touched areas of our church as we have been doing. Keep an eye out on social media for changing messages….