2nd Manston Brownies in July
The Brownies at Manston had a really busy July so we thought you might like to
see what we have been up to.

At the start of July in one of our meetings we went to Primrose valley.
Lots of the Brownies had never been before.

The Brownies followed a wool trail and had a BBQ.
It poured with rain most of the time but that did not
spoil the fun.


The sun came out just in time for 4 new brownies to make their promise.

Our last meeting in July was a fun evening when we were joined by the 6
rainbows due to join us in September. We played games, and made ice cream
sundaes (and ate them of course!)


This month a number of Brownies gained the out and about badge. For this
badge they had to do many things to do with going out. E.g. know how to
keep safe, pack a bag for an outing and go on an outing.

In September 2014 we had 4 Brownies – In September 2015 we will have 25!
At the end of September we say goodbye to Sophie (Bay Owl) as she goes off to
University. We still have lots of fantastic helpers though: Boobook Owl,
Brown Owl, Snowy Owl, Wise Owl and Woody woodpecker.