Did you know that St James’ Church is a member of the RSCM? The Royal Society of Church music. Well it is an affiliated church and has been for many years. You may wonder what a church gets from being a member.  This is what it says on the RSCM website:

If you are actively involved in church music – for example as a church leader, a member of the clergy, music director, church musician, choir member, the individual responsible for planning services – consider joining us as a member or as an affiliated church.
You will benefit from the opportunities, resources and discounts, and play an important role in the RSCM’s work, both in your local area and nationally’ .
The church receives copies of ‘CMQ’ (church music Quarterly) & ‘Sunday by Sunday’. ‘Sunday by Sunday’ has suggestions for suitable music to fit in with the church’s liturgical year Sunday by Sunday.

The RSCM is a community of people who work together prompted by a shared passion for church music. They put on events for both adults and children that are open to members of the RSCM. I was the treasurer for the RSCM Ripon and Leeds until the end of 2020. The areas are being redefined into larger ones and the RSCM will be having launch events in April this year.  I am also a member of the RSCM Northern Cathedral Singers. An auditioned choir that sings evensong services around the Cathedrals in the North of England, usually about 10 times a year on a Saturday evening.  Of course during the pandemic, we have not been able to sing together although we have met a few times on line.  The choirs of the RSCM were invited to join in the rehearsals for the online Holy Week services. ‘The Way of the Cross’ I decided to get involved. The rehearsals were fun but demanding. We then had to record 16 different hymns/anthems and chants to a click track. A preview can be heard here:

https://youtu.be/Vxi8F1OMKYA (this is on the RSCM YouTube channel)

The services will be broadcast on the RSCM’s YouTube channel


Jesus’ agony, betrayal and denial – Tuesday 30th March, 18.30 BST

Jesus’ trial and crucifixion – Wednesday 31st March, 18.30 BST

Jesus’ death and burial – Friday 2nd April, 18.30 BST

Jesus’ resurrection – Sunday 4th April, 18.30 BST

You can download a copy of the service booklet for all the services from our church website or the RSCM website. https://www.rscm.org.uk/

Or click on the link below: The-Way-of-the-Cross-2021–Service-Booklet-Print-Friendly-1