And what a weekend it was for us at Manston. We had so many special events to mark!

On Saturday, 24th June, five people were ordained priest at Leeds Minster by Bishop Paul. And three of them have been part of our community!

Sonia Casibante (on the left) spent a month in our parish when she was exploring her vocation, and we obviously set her on the right track (or perhaps we failed to dissuade her . . .) she’s currently continuing to serve her title in the parishes of Gipton and Oakwood.

Kathryn Elliott (second from the right) was ordained as a Distinctive Deacon in 2008. She then spent four years with us as our Assistant Curate, initially with our vicar Fr Johannes Arens. Then she saw us through the vacancy after he left to become the Precentor at Leicester Cathedral. She moved on to a new challenge just before Rev Carolyn came to be our Vicar. And now Kathryn has a new role as the self-supporting priest of Beeston Hill and Holbeck.

Alison Battye (extreme right) was for quite a number of years a very faithful member of  our congregation, singing in our choir, running our group of Beavers and teaching in our linked Primary School. We were thrilled when her vocation grew during her time with us, and were sorry to part with her when she was ordained Deacon last year and moved to our neighbouring parish of St. Mary, Whitkirk.


May God bless them all in their ministries!